How to Turn Off Blue Light on Ring Doorbell? (2 Methods)

Ring Doorbells are one of the cheapest yet most security cameras you can install at your place.

They inform you about guests and packages at the door and keep the burglars away.

The Ring doorbell has so many perks and has become so popular that you will find it on the door of almost every other home. 

However, there are also a few complexities associated with this device.

For instance, the blue light from your smart home front yard doorbell can help warn off burglars but can get annoying with time.

You may want to switch it off, but you’ll need to know how to turn off the blue light on the Ring doorbell

How to turn off blue light on Ring doorbell?

The smart Ring device will start blinking or flashing blue light if the device is recording or detecting a motion.

To turn it off, go to Ring mobile app and turn off the motion detection settings.

Hence, you can turn off the blue light on the Ring doorbell. 

In the following article, you will find a detailed guide that will elaborate on the purpose of blue light on your doorbell.

Besides that, we shall also highlight the methods using which you can switch it off. 

What is the Purpose of the Blue Light on the Ring Doorbell? 

2 Methods How to Turn Off Blue Light on Ring Doorbell  - Purposes

Most people who buy a Ring doorbell need clarification with the blue light on the doorbell button.

They don’t know the purpose of this light, which is why its presence often irritates them.

For those who don’t know, blue light is on the Ring doorbell for security purposes.

Blue lights are installed on high-profile buildings to warn off intruders and locate any movement near the property.

Similarly, the blue lights are on the Ring doorbells to ensure the security and safety of the place. 

Why Does the Blue Light on the Ring Doorbell Stays On? 

As you know by now, the blue light on the Ring doorbell is for security and safety.

It stays on at night to provide a better view of your property.

In this way, you can locate non-desirable people on your property.

If some intruder approaches your house, this blue light will help you detect them. 

Similarly, if you are out of the house, the blue light can fake your presence and help warn off intruders.

Moreover, these lights are helpful if you live in the countryside or near a forest with a potential threat of wandering animals because these lights will alert the animals and keep them away from your property. 

Two Methods to Turn Off Blue Light on Ring Doorbell

2 Methods: How to Turn Off Blue Light on Ring Doorbell? 

Typically the blue light on the ring doorbell is intended to keep your place secure no matter where you install it, your smart home backyard or front yard.

But it can sometimes become troublesome. In such a situation, switch off the light so that it no longer bothers you. 

Method 1: Switch Off the Blue Light Using the Ring App.

Method 1: Switch Off the Blue Light Using the Ring App.

The conventional method to switch off the constant blue light from the Ring doorbell is via the App.

Observe the following steps to turn off the light through the Ring App

  • First, check whether the Ring camera app is aptly connected to the doorbell. 
  • Now go to the main menu of the Ring app. 
  • Click on the top left corner of the App. 
  • There you will find the “Nightlight” toggle button.
  • Slide it down to switch off the Blue LED light.

Method 2: Switch Off the Blue Light if the App is not Working.

However, sometimes the blue light does not turn off using the Ring camera app.

In such situations, people can struggle to turn off the blue light on the Ring video doorbell. 

The following are a few methods to reboot the doorbell system, after which you can efficiently turn off the blue LED light via the App.

Unplugging the Ring Camera Doorbell

Unplugging the Ring Camera Doorbell

The commonest method to resolve this issue is unplugging the doorbell and re-plugging it. 

First, you need to disconnect the doorbell from its power supply.

After a few minutes, you can replug it and check whether the issue is resolved. 

If the issue is resolved, you can switch off the blue light via the Ring camera app again. 

Check for the Connectivity Issues

Sometimes due to network problems, the App fails to turn off the blue light.

Therefore, you must check whether the connectivity between the doorbell, App, and your Internet is strong enough.

If not, you should wait for the Internet connection to stabilize before switching off the light. 

Call for Professional Help

If the problem persists, you must contact Ring camera customer care.

They will either guide you online or send professional help. 

Usually, in such situations, there is a technical problem in the doorbell’s internal system.

Only a professional can tackle this problem, so you must not try fixing it yourself, as it can damage the Ring camera doorbell.

Behaviors of Ring Doorbell Blue Light and its Purposes

2 Methods How to Turn Off Blue Light on Ring Doorbell  - Purposes - Types of lights

Light on the Ring Doorbell Spins

Sometimes the blue light on the Ring doorbell spins, while other times, it glows constantly.

This behavior can confuse the users and make them wonder what it indicates. 

The spinning blue light usually implies a potential call at your door.

In routine cases, the spinning blue light tells you a guest or parcel is probably at your place.

Similarly, the spinning light warns the owner that an intruder is trying to enter the property. 

Blue Light Moves in an Upward Direction 

Occasionally, you may also notice the blue light moving upward.

This gesture is for a limited period, and the light stops behaving like so.

If the blue light of your doorbell also moves upward, you don’t need to worry, as it simply indicates that the doorbell is going through an update. 

Ring Doorbell Blue Light Turn Solid 

When the light is not spinning blue, it constantly glows.

This indicates that there is no call at the door, and the doorbell is operational.

If the light stops glowing blue without you turning it off, it implies a functional problem with the doorbell.

It may also be possible that the doorbell has stopped working and needs repairing.

Blue Light Flashing Rapidly 

Similarly, when the blue light flashes rapidly, it indicates power issues.

It also implies that the light is not receiving adequate power from the main circuit board. 

To resolve this issue, you must change the power outlet source.

By doing so, the light will stop flashing rapidly and transition to a solid blue. 

Blue Light Flashing Slowly 

Sometimes the blue light flashes slowly instead of rapid flares.

The slow flares do not indicate a power issue. Instead, it has an utterly different meaning.

When the blue light flashes slowly, it implies that your Ring doorbell has entered night mode.

You can switch it off with the help of the App, which controls the Ring cameras doorbell.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Ring doorbell have a blue light? 

The Ring doorbells have a blue light on their button for security reasons.

The light informs the residents about parcels and helps warn off intruders. 

How do I turn off the blue light on my Ring doorbell? 

The simplest way to turn off the blue LED lights on the Ring doorbell is via the Ring app.

You can quickly turn off the blue light Ring by sliding the “Nightlight” button.

But if you cannot, check your Internet connection or reboot the Ring cameras doorbell.

Why is the blue light on my Ring doorbell flashing? 

The blue light flashes rapidly when the doorbell fails to recognize the power source.

In such a situation, you should change the outlet of the Ring doorbell.

However, when it’s slowly flashing, it is probably because the Ring doorbell is in “Night Vision Mode.” 


Turning off the blue light settings on the Ring doorbell is simple.

It becomes hassling when the Ring app cannot detect the doorbell due to operational issues.

Most of the time, connectivity issues are responsible for the indoor cameras blue light not switching off. 

Further, ensure the motion sensors, battery life, and Wi-Fi network work fine.

Also, check if there is not a factory reset issue and if your Ring indoor cam has enough power to work.

I hope you found our article on “How to turn off the blue light on Ring Doorbell” informative.

If you want to know further about the Ring doorbell and its features, you can visit our website. 

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