Does Ring Doorbell Work Without Internet/WiFi?

Ring doorbells are very popular nowadays as they provide more security than typical ones.

They are modernized versions of conventional doorbells with smart features like a two-way audio system and motion sensor.

Many customers new to the Ring doorbell devices often need clarification and ask whether the Ring doorbells require Internet.

Or does Ring doorbell work without Internet/WiFi?

You must access all the features of a Ring doorbell with a viable Internet connection.

In the absence of WiFi, the Ring doorbells cannot transmit data to devices.

Thus, in such situations, the live-recording feature gets disabled.

Similarly, other advanced features like the motion detector also become unfunctional without WiFi.

Therefore, the Ring doorbell becomes a typical local doorbell like any other without an Internet connection.

Since Ring is a smart doorbell with advanced proportions, it is one of these devices which require a strong Internet connection.

Some Ring products, like Ring Smart Lighting and Alarm system, use alternate connectivity systems like Z-Wave.

But the Ring doorbell needs a WiFi connection to preserve its functionality.

If you want to know more about whether Ring doorbell works without Internet/WiFi, check out the following context.

In this article, we shall cover all the features which are accessible or inaccessible in the Ring doorbell.

Does Ring Doorbell Work Without Internet/WiFi?

Does Ring Doorbell Work Without Internet/WiFi? 

The Ring doorbell partially functions without an Internet connection.

Without an Internet connection, the Ring system becomes a typical doorbell without advanced features.

It is because the Ring doorbell cannot transfer data singles to paired devices like smartphones or PCs in case of no WiFi.

Similarly, its connectivity with the Ring app is also lost, disabling multiple features like a motion detector, cam-recording, and two-way audio.

The most applauded aspect of a Ring doorbell is that it creates a communication path between itself and the paired devices.

Sitting anywhere, even outside your house, you can control the Ring doorbell and see who’s coming to your house.

But when the Internet connection is lost, the communication pathway disrupts, and you can no longer monitor the Ring doorbell.

To make the discussion more effective, let’s scrutinize the features which disable when the Ring doorbell is working without an Internet connection.

  • You can no longer control the Ring doorbell with your smartphone.
  • The camera can no longer record or store data in the Cloud.
  • The ‘Live Recording’ feature gets disabled. The recording via the additional cameras paired with the Ring doorbell is also lost.
  • The motion detector stops operating.
  • The two-way audio system becomes unfunctional.

Excluding these features, the Ring doorbell becomes a standard doorbell that rings when someone presses it.

It merely becomes a device that informs you about packages and guests at the door. Its security and surveillance features become inoperative as soon as the Internet connection is lost.

Why does Ring Doorbell Stop Working When an Internet Connection is Lost?

Why does Ring Doorbell Stop Working When an Internet Connection is Lost

People often ask that Ring doorbells are, after all, “doorbells.”

Then why do they require an Internet connection?

As soon as the Internet gets disabled, the Ring doorbells can neither detect nor record motion.

The only functional feature remains that the bell rings when someone presses it.

On the other hand, all the notable features for which the Ring doorbells are popular becomes inaccessible.

It happens because Ring doorbells use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology for communicating with other devices.

SIP creates a connectivity bridge between the Ring system and its Ring app, allowing the doorbell to detect and record motion.

However, since SIP is a “Signaling Protocol” that connects the two points on the IP (Internet Protocol) network, it also requires a WiFi connection.

The SIP cannot establish a secure connection between the two IP ends without the Internet.

Therefore, when IP points are disconnected, the Ring doorbell cannot transmit data singles.

As a result, all of its features and functionality will be lost.

Does Ring Doorbell Recover Itself When the Internet Connection is Restored?

Does Ring Doorbell Recover Itself When the Internet Connection is Restored_11zon

Usually, when the WiFi connection is restored, the Ring doorbell automatically recovers, and all its functions become instantly available.

However, sometimes the Ring doorbell cannot automatically re-establish the connection, implying an Internet quality and speed issue.

Users must remember that Ring doorbells smart device require a strong Internet connection.

If the WiFi is not of optimal quality or the speed is slow, the Ring device may have connectivity issues.

In such situations, you must manually connect the Ring device to the Internet and wait for the connection to stabilize.

Unfortunately, all recordings and readings, which had been made just before the Internet connection went out, will be lost.

Only those who had a backup.

Thus, you should set the Ring app on “continuous backup” to preserve the recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ring Chime work without the Internet?

No, Ring Chime also uses SIP, implying that a strong Internet connection is essential for its operation.

Does Ring doorbells store recordings in a NAS or SD Card?

The Ring doorbell lacks support for local storage devices like SD cards and NAS.

Instead, it stores recordings in the Cloud.
Therefore, the Ring doorbells require a WiFi connection to record and store data.

Does Ring Doorbell automatically backup data?

The data transmitted by the Ring doorbells are saved on the Cloud.
It implies that you won’t have to manually back up data on the Ring app, as it automatically does.


The Ring doorbell features are cloud-based and heavily depend on SIP.

That is why, once the Internet connection is lost, the smart features of the Ring app and Ring video doorbells become inoperative.

The Ring Chime will not even ring without a WiFi connection.

Your bell will only ring when someone manually presses it, just like the typical doorbell.

In a nutshell, an active internet connection is required for Ring doorbell cameras, because a poor internet connection doesn’t work for Ring devices.

However, you can use wi fi range extender to increase the wi-fi network range for Ring cameras.

I hope that all of your queries regarding whether Ring doorbell works without Wi Fi connection will have been answered in this article.

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  1. The article on Ring Doorbell functionality without internet/Wi-Fi clarified a common query. The pros and cons section was particularly insightful.

    1. When the Ring Doorbell is offline, users typically cannot access real-time or historical footage, as the device relies on an internet connection to store and retrieve recordings. However, if the device has local storage or an integrated memory card, users may still have limited access to previously recorded footage during offline periods.

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