3 Reasons Ring Doorbell Button Cracked – 2 Best Fixes

One of the most frequently reported problems with a ring doorbell is that it often gets cracked and leads to accidental disturbance.

The most annoying aspect about a cracked doorbell button is its failure’s potential causes are hard to locate.

So, why is your Ring doorbell button cracked? There can be many reasons why Ring doorbell button cracked. The most commons can be,

  • Someone pressed the button hardly.
  • Bad quality material of the button.
  • Something hit the button.
  • Button color went bad.

Consequently, finding the right solution to the ailment becomes ultimately difficult. But you are at the right place if you have encountered the same issue with your Ring doorbell.

In the following context, we shall break down the significant causes of why the Ring doorbell button cracked.

Besides determining the factors, their subsequent solutions will help you resolve the issue.

Why is the Ring Doorbell Button Cracked?

3 Reasons Ring Doorbell Button Cracked - 2 Best Fixes

Ring doorbells are an excellent choice if you are on a budget yet need to secure your house/office.

But their doorbell buttons are notorious for cracking down frequently.

Not one but thousands of customers often report this issue to ring doorbell manufacturing companies.

Besides submitting the complaint, customers also ask for the potential reasons that can be responsible for a cracked ring doorbell button.

If you are also curious about them, you can assess the following points to determine a consequent solution to the cracking problem.

1. Manufacturing Defect

The most common issue responsible for this cracking ailment is the manufacturing defect.

The cracking problem often arises when the doorbell button needs to be aptly aligned and connected to the main switch.

The ring doorbell buttons are typically manufactured of poor-quality plastic.

They do not have optimal-quality manufacturing like a smart doorbell.

Therefore, because of false manufacturing, you can encounter occasional malfunctioning in the doorbell, including cracking of the button.

2. Routine Wear and Tear

Routine Wear and Tear

As stated earlier, most ring doorbell buttons need more viable quality manufacturing.

Not only is their material of cheaper grade, but their construction is often problematic.

Unlike smart doorbells, they cannot withstand routine wear and tear for a prolonged duration.

If the ring doorbell of your place is not positioned in a secure place, expect it to malfunction more frequently.

Problems like a cracked Ring doorbell Pro button arise when the doorbell cannot endure chronic deflation.

3. Button Pressed Too Strongly

Sometimes, the misuse of the ring doorbell button can also lead to its cracking.

The button can get cracked if you constantly press it with a strong hand.

As you may know by now, the ring doorbell buttons have a cheaper construction, so one must be careful while using them.

A few customers often report that they have encountered a cracking problem after they accidentally pressed it for too long.

You can even check your home’s security cameras if the same happened to your ring doorbell cracked button.

How to Solve the Cracked Ring Doorbell Button Issue?

How to Solve the Cracked Ring Doorbell Button Issue

The solution to fix a cracked ring doorbell’s button depends upon the damage’s extent and manufacturing quality.

Depending on the situation, there are different fixes to this issue.

Below are some common solutions for when your Ring button gets cracked.

Method 1. A Quick DIY Fix

Some ring doorbell buttons can be fixed using DIY techniques.

You can only opt for this method if the crack is not big enough and there is no internal damage to the doorbell system.

Prep: Get the Required Tools

Before fixing the broken doorbell button, you must gather the required tools.

But don’t worry; the requirement list for a toolkit is short.

You only need the following materials to fix your cracked doorbell ring button.

  1. A T6-bit Screwdriver
  2. A Spudger Kit
  3. Electronics Screwdriver Kit

Step 1: De-assembling the Housing

The first step is to dismantle the housing system of the Ring doorbell device.

  • You can do so with the help of the T6-bit screwdriver.
  • Using it, you can remove the security screw present at the bottom of the doorbell device.
  • Once you unscrew it, remove the front panel, and unveil the internal housing system.
  • Next, you have to remove the top panel cover of the button using the same technique.
  • Using a normal screwdriver, remove the four screws from the top cover to access the insides of the doorbell.

Inside th doorbell button, you will also find a few plastic latches which must be removed. To do so, you can use the spudger kit.

However, ensure that you don’t damage the latches.

They will need to be reassembled after you have fixed the cracking issue.

Step 2: Dismantling the Circuit Board

Next comes the turn to de-assemble the main circuit of the ring doorbell.

Since it is mounted on a wall and attached to wires, you must be careful while dismantling it.

  • First, you should unscrew the two main black screws, followed by the two silver screws of the circuit board.
  • Once you are done unscrewing, you can easily remove the ribbon cable.
  • The ribbon cable is secured with a plastic latch. Like before, you can use the spudger to remove this latch.
  • You must be even more careful this time because multiple wires are wrapped around the ribbon cable.

If you accidentally cut a single wire, your doorbell can become unfunctional.

Lastly, you will find two harnesses that connect the battery cable.

You have to unplug them so you can proceed with the third step.

Dismantling the Circuit Board

Step 3: Unplugging the Cracked Button

After uplifting the top panel of the circuit board, you will find a series of wires and cables.

Carefully lift them and remove the second ribbon cable as much as possible. Beneath them, you will see the cracked button.

The button is held onto the circuit with plastic latches.

Use a spudger kit and tweezers to remove them and unplug the button.

Once the latches are removed, you can scrap the button since it is already cracked.

Step 4: Replacing and Reassembling

Once you have removed the cracked button, you can replace a new one in the circuit board.

After placing the back into the system, you must reassemble the circuit board and the housing.

To do so, you can repeat the above steps backward.

Method 2. Replacing the Doorbell

Sometimes, the Ring doorbell button gets so cracked that you cannot fix it even with a DIY.

In such situations, the only possible fix is to replace the ring doorbell.

Fortunately, the Ring doorbells are usually affordable, implying replacing the button won’t break your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a cracked Ring doorbell button?

If the damage is minute, you can fix the cracked Ring doorbell pro button using simple DIY methods.

It involves dismantling the housing, replacing the button, and reassembling the system.
But if the crack is too deep or the damage is irreparable, you must replace the ring doorbell.

How to prevent the Ring doorbell pro button from cracking?

The Ring Pro doorbell button cracks when subjected to wear and tear beyond its withstanding limits.

You can shield the doorbell from cracking by taking minimal preventive measures like regular maintenance and pressing the button gently.
However, new button works perfectly and worth it.

Can you replace a cracked ring doorbell button?

Yes, it is possible to replace the cracked doorbell button.
But you can only do so when the crack is minute.
The doorbell may be internally damaged if water or anything else has penetrated it.

In such situations, there is no easy fix than using the replacement button for the Ring Pro Doorbell.


The doorbells are usually covered with a one-year Ring warranty.

If your Ring Elite doorbell button gets cracked during this tenure, you don’t have to fix it.

Instead, you can get it replaced under warranty.

I hope you liked the article “Why is the ring doorbell button cracked.”

I have covered all crucial aspects and viable solutions to fix this issue.

If you want a regular feed on how to solve such routine issues, you can check our website.

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