4 Ways To Reset Vizio TV Without Remote (Factory Resetting)

There can be any reason you would like to reset Vizio TV without remote.

You may have lost your remote or don’t know how to reset your TV without it.

Whatever the situation, here are quick 5 ways that you can follow to reset your Vizio TV without a remote.

  1. Hard resetting of Vizio smart TV without remote
  2. Resetting the Vizio smart TV by using Mouse and Keyboard
  3. Resetting the Vizio smart TV with Smart Cast Software
  4. Resetting the Vizio smart TV by using Remote Application

Let’s look at all these methods and discuss them in detail. After this, you can reset your Vizio TV without a remote.

4 Methods to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

4 Ways To Reset Vizio TV Without Remote?

1. Hard resetting of Vizio smart TV without remote:

If the power cycling doesn’t work to rest the TV, the hard resetting method may be applied. For this method following steps may be taken.

  • The Vizio TV has a power button on the back; press it to turn on the TV.
  • Press and hold the “Input” and “Volume Down” keys simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds when the television is on.
  • A popup will appear if you want to reset the TV. Press the input button to reset.
  • The saved data and TV settings will be erased, and your Vizio TV will be restarted.
  • Now that your TV has been returned to its factory default settings, operate it as new.

After applying this method, you can set the TV according to your desire as you set up a new TV.

2. Using the mouse and keyboard to reset the Vizio smart TV:

This method lets you control and operate your Vizio TV with a mouse and keyboard.  You may take up the following Steps;

  • This method requires a USB port base mouse and keyboard.
  • Plug in both the Mouse and Keyboard into the USB port at the back or one if there is a single port.
  • Use the Mouse’s Right and Left clicks to select icons.
  • To move the cursor, use the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Now, you can navigate the cursor through the TV and operate it without a remote.
  • Go to settings, go to the factory reset option, and reset your TV.

3. Resetting the Vizio smart TV with Smart Cast Software:

Resetting the Vizio smart TV with Smart Cast Software

In this method, you can use the Smart Cast app to reset and operate your Vizio TV if the physical buttons are not working.

You may take up the following Steps to apply this method;

  • You must have an Android phone or other Android device.
  • Install the Smart Cast app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Use the Smart Cast app to access your Vizio account and log in.
  • After searching the nearby devices select your TV.
  • A number code will be displayed on TV once it is chosen.
  • Enter the digit code in the Smart Cast app.
  • When the app and TV are linked, the app will function as a remote.
  • Follow the instructions to reset the television: Reset and Admin > Reset TV to Factory Default > Open System > If the TV asks for a code, type “0000” into the box.
  • All data will be deleted after the Vizio TV is restarted.
  • The Vizio TV has now been reset to the factory default, which can be changed as desired.

4. Resetting the Vizio smart TV by using Universal Remote Application:

You can use a remote application to factory reset Vizio TV on your phone by adopting the following steps.

Resetting Vizio tv is easy with this step.

  • Select and install the Universal remote app on your smartphone from App Store or Google Play.
  • Organize/ configure the app setting and select Vizio TV and its model Number.
  • You will get an interface in the application to operate your Vizio TV through the remote app.

What is Vizio TV Black Screen?

When the TV doesn’t display anything or a picture on the screen and goes completely black, this means the Black Screen of death.

There may be a variety of causes of Black Screen of death causes.

Causes of the black screen on a Vizio television

The Black Screen on your Vizio TV may have many  potential causes, which we’ll go over here..

There may be any one of the following, among other reasons for a black screen:

  • Sleep Timer: this can cause the black Screen issue. If you enable the sleep timer feature, try disabling it.
  • Mute the screen: Vizio TV has a built-in screen mute feature. This feature turns off the TV screen, but we can still hear the sound, so we try to turn it off.
  • Faulty and loose connection: sometimes you have faulty and loose connections and wires, which cause a Black Screen on the Vizio TV, so check and verify all the connections and wires attached to the Vizio TV.
  • Software Bug: software bugs may cause Black Screen, so update the software from the Vizio end.
  • Outdated firmware: Outdated firmware can cause a black screen of Vizio TV. So, go to the Update Software and check if any updates are available for Vizio TV.
  • Faulty or Broken Backlight: The Vizio TV’s Black Screen or death may be caused by a broken or defective backlight; Examine the broken or defective backlight.

How to Fix the Black Screen?

How to Fix the Black Screen

If there is an issue with the black screen of the Vizio TV, try the following fixes.

  1. Check whether the power is working or not.
  2. Factory reset TV or boot the Vizio soft or hard.
  3. Remove or disconnect the external device if any.
  4. Unmute the screen.
  5. Check all the attached cables and connections.
  6. Change the power outlet.
  7. Change the picture mode.
  8. Bring your Vizio smart TV’s software up to date.
  9. Soft reset Vizio tv.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to factory reset Vizio smart Tv without remote?

You can reset Vizio TV without a remote on its default/ factory setting by; power recycling by using the TV button (hard setting), pressing the power button on the TV, then press the input and down the volume button for a few seconds.

You will receive a popup, and your Vizio TV will be restarted and factory reset.

How to reset Vizio TV without Pin?

You can press and hold the power button and down the volume key.
When Menu appears, use the volume keys to scroll and the power button to select.

Select factory reset or default setting and then press the power button.

How to control Vizio TV Without remote or wifi?

You may download the app from Play Store or google and install the TV remote control app for Vizio TV, open the app, and enable the IR (infrared) interface.

Press the power button in the app and turn on your Vizio TV and operate further as you require by using this application.


I believe after reading the complete guide, you can reset Vizio TV without remote.

If the TV has a black screen, try resetting the tv using the buttons.

If the screen appears, but you’ve lost the remote, get help from the mobile app, or use the mouse and keyboard to factory reset your TV.

However, if you cannot apply the above-said methods or they are not working, you may contact the Vizio TV Customer Care Desk for assistance and guideline.

You should follow and comply with the instruction given there.

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    1. Vizio TVs may occasionally require a reset without a remote, with the frequency of such issues varying based on factors like firmware stability, power fluctuations, or software glitches.

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