How To Play Specific Songs On Alexa? (5 Easy Methods)

Are you tired of skipping random songs on Alexa?

Are you looking for a way to play specific songs on Alexa?

Do you want to listen to your favorite songs in your free time?

If so, this blog is for you, and we have brought 5 different ways to make this happen.

The simplest way to play a specific song on Alexa is to give a command with the song name or title.

You can play a single track or an entire playlist using voice commands.

You’ll need a particular playlist of your favorite songs or a music subscription. 

So, don’t worry; this is a pretty simple process; keep reading this article and stick with us till the end.

No matter which source you want to use right now, we’ve got your back.

Are you sitting on your couch, ready to listen to your favorite song? Try any of these methods. 

5 Easy Ways To Play Specific Songs On Alexa

How To Play Specific Songs On Alexa – 5 Easy Methods

Play Music From Your Phone 

This method is for you if you don’t have a subscription to any premium music source.

Using this method, you can play music from your phone playlist.

All you need is to connect your device to Alexa using Bluetooth.

play music from your phone to alexa

Follow these steps and play what you like:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  • Keep your phone near Alexa to be in range.
  • Tell Alexa to connect by saying, “Alexa, pair.” 
  • Open the Alexa app and go to Bluetooth settings.
  • Go to Devices and navigate to Echo and Alexa.
  • Tap Pair Alexa Gadget from the devices list.
  • Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile.
  • Check and confirm if Alexa is showing up.  

Once your phone connects to Alexa, you can give commands to Alexa with the name of your favorite song.

For instance, you can use this command, “Alexa, play <song title> by <artist name>” i.e., “Alexa, play The Box by Roddy Ricch.” 

Get Amazon Music Subscription 

Get Amazon Music Subscription 

This method is for you if you love to listen to Amazon Music.

Amazon Music offers different streaming services, free, prime, and unlimited.

You can use this method for all of these services.

You might only have limitations with the songs you listen to. 

If you give a command to Alexa by saying, “Alexa, play Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi.”

For Amazon Music Free, you might not find this complete song.

However, for Prime and Unlimited subscriptions, Alexa will play the full song for you. 

So, for Prime and Unlimited subscription users, just a voice command would play the complete song.

Lay back on your couch, relax and listen to the music!

Create Your Playlist In Alexa

Create Your Playlist In Alexa

If you have access to any Amazon Music package, you can create your own playlist in Alexa.

Once you create a playlist, you can rename it and command Alexa to play it.

But how can you make one per your music taste — follow these quick steps:

  • Open the Alexa app and go to the Amazon Music menu.
  • Click on My Playlists and tap on Create New Playlist. 
  • Set a name for your playlist and click the Save button.
  • Next, click the Explore and Add option to choose the song(s).
  • Click on the three-dotted option to add a song to the list. 
  • Once you add all the songs, click the Add to Playlist option. 

Play From Other Subscriptions

Play From Other Subscriptions on alexa

Do you use Spotify or SoundCloud and want to listen to your favorite songs on Alexa? Is this possible?

Yes, you can play songs from other subscriptions on your Alexa device.

The steps for each streaming platform could be different.

For SoundCloud, follow the steps below: 

  • Open your Alexa app, and click on the three-dotted icon (Menu).
  • Go to Settings and tap on the Music option from the list. 
  • Next, click on Link New Service at the top of the screen.
  • You’ll see SoundCloud in the options; click on it.
  • Sign in to your SoundCloud account using your login credentials. 
  • Alexa will ask for access to SoundCloud, tap Agree, and voila! 

The process is the same to add other streaming services like SoundCloud, Pandora, etc.

Use Your Laptop Or PC

Last but not least, this method is for laptop or PC users.

So, tired of working round the clock?

Want to take a break and connect your device with Alexa to listen to some music?

If so, you need Bluetooth on your laptop or PC. If you have it, follow these steps: 

  • Open your Bluetooth settings on your laptop or PC.
  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Open Settings and select your Alexa device.
  • Click on Bluetooth and then tap on Pair New Device.
  • Select your device (laptop or PC) from the list.
  • Click on Allow when you receive the notification.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and the device will pair.
  • Play your favorite playlist from your laptop or PC.
  • Ask Alexa to play a specific song for you, and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I play specific songs on Alexa?

You need to give a voice command to Alexa to play specific songs.

For instance, if you want to listen to some bass music, ask Alexa to play Megan Thee Stallion, Savage Remix.

You can get the full version of this and hundreds of such songs on Amazon Music Prime. 

Can you ask Alexa to play any song?

Yes, you can play any song from any source on your Alexa device.

You just need access to that particular music source through a subscription or Bluetooth.

For Bluetooth-compatible devices, you have to pair them to Alexa and play songs on that device. 

Can Alexa play specific songs from Spotify?

Yes, Alexa can play songs from your Spotify playlist.

You only have to log in to your Spotify account in the Alexa app.

Once connected, you can ask Alexa to play any particular music file or playlist to enjoy. 


Well! That’s all about how to play specific songs on Alexa using different methods.

So, playing music on Alexa from various sources, including Amazon, Spotify, and other devices, is quite easy.

You need to connect your music source to Alexa and give it a command.  

You should get an active subscription to Amazon Music so your enjoyment does not get ruined.

That’s because you can’t listen to a full song on a free subscription, and you’ll also face ads.

So, buy the Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited version and enjoy the free hours. 

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