Peacock Not Working on Samsung TV: 9 Tips to Fix

In no time, your excitement to binge-watch your favorite shows can fade away when you know that the Peacock app on your Samsung TV is not working.

Well, you should not be worried about it anymore.

Many users face a similar issue but can resolve it with expert tips.

The current article will deliver you some practical tips that you can utilize to solve the issue of Peacock not working on Samsung TVs.

Let us solve this issue together!

How To Solve Peacock Not Working On Samsung TV?

Peacock is an American OTT platform owned by Peacock TV, LLC, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal.

Are you recently facing a problem with the Peacock app on your Samsung TV? Well, use the following tips to resolve your issue:

Compatibility Checks

The first step that you should consider while resolving this issue is to check the compatibility of your Samsung TV model with the Peacock app.

Only Samsung Smart TVs manufactured in 2017 or later with Tizen OS are compatible with the app.

In addition to this, all non-smart televisions may not support the application.

You can visit Samsung’s official website and get verification about your television’s model and operating system.

Compatibility Checks

Connectivity and Software Checks

Is Your Internet Speed Appropriate?

If there is an issue with the Peacock not working on Samsung TV, it can also be because of a poor internet connection.

The app works well with a stable internet connection whose speed is at least 3 Mbps or more.

Thus, if the issue prevails, visit those websites where you can check your speed, confirm the same, and then find the root of the problem.

You can also restart your Wi-Fi to ensure that your connection is restored.

Is Your Internet Speed Appropriate?

Try To Unplug And Restart Your Television

One of the simplest steps you should consider before anything else is restarting your television. You can easily, using your remote, reboot your television.

For instance, if you cannot find your remote right now, you can do the same by unplugging the TV and plugging it back in again.

By this simple step of rebooting the operating system, you may fix any hardware or software glitches.

Try To Unplug And Restart Your Television

Clearing App’s Cache Can Be Helpful

The role of the cache data is to enhance the overall performance.

However, if there is an excess amount of cache, it can lead to issues and bugs. Hence, clearing the app’s cache can solve the problem.

Go to the Setting tab and select Apps. In that list, select Peacock and clear the cache files for the same.

You can refer to Samsung’s instructions for a better approach.

Clearing App's Cache Can Be Helpful

Did You Disable Your VPN?

Are you currently using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Well, it can be one of the significant reasons why Peacock is not working on Samsung TVs.

The application servers sometimes may not be able to identify your IP address. Therefore, disable your VPN and access your application to find the solution.

Did You Disable Your VPN?

Updating Your Application Or Television To The Latest Version

Always updating your Samsung TV and the Peacock app is an essential step in the whole troubleshooting process.

It provides a smooth playback experience. For updates, visit the Smart Hub on your Samsung television.

Find those applications that have a blue circle and white arrow.

Hold down the button and select Update. If you look forward to updating your TV firmware, go to Settings, select Cloud Icon, and click Software Update.

If there is a new version, click “Update Now.”

Updating Your Application Or Television To The Latest Version

Advanced Troubleshooting

Checking The App’s Server

In rare scenarios, the Peacock app’s server can be down. Thus, you can try opening the application on other devices or your mobile phone.

You can also check the application’s social media and the truth about this fact. Therefore, when the server is down, the app may not work.

Resetting Smart Hub

Sometimes the issue of Peacock not working on Samsung TV can arise because of corrupted files.

Thus, to fix this issue, you can reset Smart Hub. Visit the Setting tab, select Support, and choose Device Care.

Post this, select Self Diagnosis, and click on Reset Smart Hub. You may also have to enter the TV’s PIN if required.

Factory Resetting Your Television

If any of the above steps are not working, you can resort to the final step of factory resetting your television.

The factory reset feature will bring your television back to its default settings.

Depending on the particular model of the television, you can visit the settings, Factory Reset your device, and wait for the television to start back up automatically.


It can be frustrating when you think about binge-watching your favorite shows on the Peacock app, and it stops working.

However, following the above troubleshooting steps can be helpful to you.

You can check the compatibility, update your applications, or even clear the cache, whichever works.

Ensure you have a smooth and stable internet connection and are not using VPNs. If this is not working for you, you can finally factory reset your television.

Hope you find the solution to your problem, Peacock not working on Samsung TV. Enjoy your show!

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