How Big Is A 32-Inch TV? (What Are The Dimensions)

Are you really bored with your old Tv and now thinking to get a new one?

Or if you are tired to repair your old Tv again and again then replacement is a good option.

TVs are mostly measured diagonally and according to the size of the Tv screen.

It also depends on the size of your room where you need to place your Tv.

You can decide the Tv size you wanna buy according to your need.

You might decide to buy a 32 inches Tv and you are questioning: How big is a 32-inch Tv?

The answer is simple, the size of a 32-inches Tv depends on the dimension of the Tv.

How Big Is A 32-Inch TV

Because All 32 inches TVs are different and have varying dimensions due to different brands and models.

In this article, we are going to answer your question briefly.

It will help you to select a good Tv of your own choice.

Stay tuned till the end to know the accurate size you need.

Dimension Of A 32 Inch Tv?

If you are aware of the depth, width, and height of the Tv it’s easier for you to measure the size.

To determine the depth of a Tv size measure the thickness from the front to back.

Top to bottom is the height measurement of the Tv.

Lastly, the width of the Tv is from edge to edge.

Sometimes width can also be measured from one side to another.

Modern TVs coming into the market are thinner than the previous models of TVs.

Usually, a 32 inches Tv is 2 to 3 inches thick.

Now, if we specifically talk about a 32 inches Tv.

Their Dimensions can be measured as there are 3 inches thick, 29 inches wide, and 17 inches height.

There might be slight variations in the numbers so the depth of the Tv is about 8 inches if we consider it with the stand.

For instance:

Samsung Q604 has a dimension of 28.47 “width”, 6.07 “Depth”, and 18.20 “Height”.

It varies to 28.47 “in width”, 1.17 Depth, and 16.7 Height without the stand.

But the 32-inch Tv size is determined throughout the screen size.

The screen size is determined when we take measurements diagonally.


In centimeters, the 32-inches TVs are 15.41 in Depth, 47.75 in height, and 72.31 in width if we take measurements with the stand.

Similarly, if we measure a 32-Tv  without the stand it is 2.97  in-depth, 42.54 in height, and 72.31 in width.

How Does A 32-Inch Tv Looks Like In A Room?

How Does A 32-Inch Tv Looks Like In A Room

A 32-inch Tv is not too big in size.

These TVs are mostly fit for a small kitchen, Living room, or small apartment.

As we know the dimension of a 32 inches Tv is 15.7 inches in height.

So, the dimension of the Tv tells that a 32- inches Tv is suitable for small spaces.

Size Of Your Tv According To The Size Of Your Room

Here a selection of a Tv becomes easy when you compare the size of your room to the size of the Tv you want to buy.

In this way, you can easily decide if a 32-inch  screen is a perfect choice for you or not.

A sheet is mentioned below to make it easier for you to understand which size you need actually.

Tv sizeCategorySuitable for
24 to 32 inch TvSmall sized TvSmall kitchen, congested spaces, small apartments or small bedrooms
40-45 inch TvMidum sized TvLarge living rooms, Large room, open spaces
55-80 inch TvLarge sized TvHome theater setup. Best for large families.

We know it’s not enough to decide the size of The Tv screen on the basis of this factor only.

If you see this factor you can narrow down one Tv size it may be a small-sized or a middle-sized as per your requirement.

Once you have done consider the size of your Tv according to the space you have.

The next step to follow is that you need to decide where you have to set up the Tv.

What would be the position of your Tv?

Position Of Your Tv

Positioning your Tv in the right place is really important because it will decide the view you can get to watch the Tv.

Positioning your Tv in a place where you cannot easily watch the Tv will not be a good decision. Then the purpose of the Tv is not complete.

Therefore, whenever you have to buy a Tv must consider the fact of positioning your Tv.

Position Of Your Tv

The position of your Tv depends on the space and the furniture in your room.

That’s why it’s important to have a look at the room and which Tv size you can manage with that furniture.

The right position of the Tv would affect the viewing angle. Hope you understand why the right position of the Tv is too important.

Consider The Field Of View

Once you have done positioning your Tv and you are not able to watch the Tv clearly. All will be in vain.

Your money will be just a waste. So consider your sitting position to watch the Tv.

You also have to notice how far will you sit to watch the Tv.

The best-recommended view angle is 30° in a small to medium-sized room.

In the case of the cinema, you should definitely go for a 40° angle.

Consider The Price Of The Tv

If you are one of the people who are conscious of the cost and want a less costly  TV.

The best Tv at the lowest price would be your priority.

Mostly a 32-inches Tv cost less than the large-sized TVs.

Therefore, the 32- inch Tvs are more budget-friendly.

The main expense of a Tv is due to the resolution or smart functionality.

No doubt high-resolution TVs cost a bit expensive.

The 32 inches TVs cost less because they come with low resolution.

A 32 inches TV may also lack some Smart features as compared to other TVs.

But it does not mean that a 32 inches Tv is not a good quality Tv.

You can definitely choose a 32-inches Tv if it fulfills your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 32-inch Tv big enough?

Yes, a 32-inch Tv is big enough if you have a small space.
Some models of 32- inches TVs can also work well in a medium space.

But the smaller TVs than 32 inches are just worthless.

Will a 32 Tv fit in my car easily?

Yes, a 32-inches Tv can fit in most cars easily.
This is an amazing feature of a 32-inches Tv.

But it depends on the size of your car and the 32-inches TV model.

Best room for a 32-inch Tv?

Small rooms work best to have 32-inch TVs.
But these rooms should not be too small to sit in.

If the room is allowing you to sit 4 feet away from the 32-inches Tv comfortably.
The size of the room is perfect.


The size of the 32-inch TV depends on the size of its screen and the model of the Tv.

Now, what size of the Tv you require depends on the dimension and the size of your room or the space where you want to place the 32-inch Tv.

Hope It’s easy for you to decide whether you have to choose the 32-inches Tv or not.

If yes, then which model suits best for your available space?

Now you can choose your desired Tv size according to your requirements.

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