Does Ring Record 24/7? Ring Continuous Recording Explained

Are you worried about your home’s security?

Do you want to try Ring and want to know about its recording feature?

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If you want to clear your mind about the question: does Ring record 24/7 — this blog is for you. 

Unfortunately, Ring does not offer a 24/7 recording yet but offers something more than that.

It offers video recording at motion detection or when someone rings the doorbell.

You can also check the live video recording at any time with the Ring mobile app.

We have seen a rapid rise in home surveillance technology in recent years.

The Ring is also among the top companies in the home surveillance industry.

It’s famous for its high quality and latest technology home surveillance gadgets such as cameras, doorbells, and more.

How Does The Ring Recording Work? All You Need To Know

Does Ring Record 247, Or It’s Not Possible A Detailed Guide

Though Ring is working to offer a 24/7 recording feature in its cameras, it’s not active yet.

However, some cameras have this feature.

These cameras either have a 128 GB SD card or are directly connected to cloud storage.

Most of the Ring Cameras offer motion detection and bell button camera recording.

Plus, via the Ring mobile application, you can check the camera recording at any time from anywhere.

Let’s have a deeper look at how the ring recording works.

Going Into Live View

Ring offers its users direct access to Ring devices through the Ring mobile application.

Just install the application on your mobile or computer and then log into it to get access to your Ring devices.

Ensure that you have already connected all the Ring devices to your account.

You can check the live recording of any camera installed in your vicinity from the Ring application.

These live recordings you see are directly uploaded to the Ring cloud, which you can also check later.

When There Is Movement

The next feature that the ring cameras offer is movement detection recording.

Not only does the recording starts after detecting a motion, but you also get a notification on your phone.

This double security system makes Ring a better choice than other security companies.

The users previously set the recording length as per their choice.

As the recording starts upon the motion, the video recorded is saved to the Ring cloud.

You can access that video till you pay their dues regularly.

You need a Ring Protect Plan to get the videos on Ring Cloud. 

Someone Press The Bell

Ring cameras’ last recording feature is when someone pushes the bell button.

The recording starts when someone rings the bell and continues for the next few minutes.

You can later find this recording on the Ring Cloud by accessing it through your mobile app.

Remember that you must need a Ring Protect Plan for the videos on the Ring Cloud.

Though you can get the live recording for free whenever you want, that offer is also limited.

Moreover, the Ring may cancel your account without prior notification.

Types of Ring Cameras

Now, we have got through the features that ring cameras offer.

However, there are a variety of Ring cameras, and they do not offer these features.

So, you must pick the right camera for better security and home monitoring.

So, here we are with the significant types of Ring cameras you can have for your home’s security.

Let’s discuss these cameras individually.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Camera

Here we go if you are looking for the best camera for outdoor installation, such as market installation.

The Ring floodlight camera is the most expensive yet the best camera for motion-activated floodlights. 

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Ring Stick-Up Camera

Ring Stick-Up Camera

Here we have another outdoor camera from Ring that offers night vision and two-way communication.

The good news is that this camera is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

The motion detection feature makes it stand out from the crowd.

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Ring Indoor Camera

Ring Indoor Camera

As the name suggests, this camera is meant for short-range recordings inside the home.

It comes with smart camera features, making it suitable inside the house.

Its compatibility with Alexa allows you to control it through voice commands.

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Ring Spotlight Camera

Ring Spotlight Camera

The Ring Spotlight camera is the simplest camera with many features and is equipped with the latest technology.

This camera can be the best choice for those looking for a battery-powered wireless camera that can give crisp 1080p recordings.

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Get Extra Features With The Ring App

Though the Ring camera has much to offer, you can enjoy more features through the Ring app.

You can alter the motion of the moving camera and select the video recording length and quality.

Some of these features are mentioned here with a bit of explanation.

Take Snapshots

This feature allows you to take snapshots at regular intervals.

You can set the time interval through the mobile app and enjoy the continuous update of the surroundings.

This way, you can record your house’s surroundings regularly, as in 24/7 video recording.

Control The Motion Sensitivity

It means that you can select the distance within which the camera would start recording when the motion is detected.

Let’s say your camera starts recording video within a 10 meters activity.

You can increase or decrease this distance based on the surroundings and situation.

Control Other Ring Devices

The Ring mobile app lets you control the Ring camera and other Ring devices.

Let’s say if you want to have some rest and want nobody to interrupt you, you could simply turn off the doorbell.

Similarly, you can control the other Ring devices as well.

Control The Video Length

Most ring cameras start video recording on motion detection or when the doorbell rings.

It records the video for some time and then turns it off automatically.

The Ring mobile application allows you to alter the video recording time for your cameras.

What About The 24/7 Recording Feature of the Ring?

What About The 24/7 Recording Feature of the Ring?

As continuous recording needs a lot more power that batteries can not provide, Ring decided to add this feature to wired cameras.

It means that only wired cameras would be capable of providing 24/7 video recording to the Ring users.

Though Ring made this claim in 2019, they could not launch this feature till today.

They still claim that they will launch this feature soon, but when? Nobody knows.

However, if you are looking for a 24/7 recording camera, you can check other home security companies.

Some companies out there offer 24/7 recording through their premium plans.

That means you have to pay extra money to benefit from this feature for your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average life of a Ring battery?

Though there are solar-powered ring cameras, some wireless cameras still use batteries.

The average life for a wireless Ring battery is around one year.

However, it depends on the environment and the way you use it.

Does Ring work with Wi-Fi?

Ring cameras can work without Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

However, they might need a stable internet connection to give you a notification upon motion detection.

So, to get complete control over a Ring camera, it is better to connect it to Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to hack a Ring Camera?

As the Ring cameras are not encrypted, they are prone to cyber-attacks or can be easily hacked by an ordinary hacker.

So, keeping an eye on your cameras and being aware of foreign interruptions is a better choice.


Ring cameras are your home’s best smart security devices.

You can control and check the situation anytime through your mobile phone.

Their durability and motion sensitivity makes them the best indoor and outdoor use option.

So, you have got the answer to the question, does Ring record 24/7, right?

In a nutshell, they do not provide 24/7 recording.

However, you can see the live video recording anytime if the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

You just have to ensure an active internet connection.

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