Why is Blink Camera Flashing Green? 3 Reasons and 5 Fixes

If you’ve recently bought your Blink camera, then seeing the Blink camera flashing green light could be very concerning. It may seem like something is wrong, however, it is simply a sign that the camera is working properly. 

If you see this flashing solid green light with blue light flashing, your camera is successfully powered on and recording or streaming live.  

However, if you see the Blink camera is blinking (on/off) green light, you’re losing your internet connection, or there is another issue with the device. But this situation is not alarming, you can take positive action to fix this issue. All in all, the green light doesn’t affect your device. 

I’m going to guide you all about Blink camera flashing green light, more reasons behind the issue, and how to fix them. 

So, let’s get down to the business!

Types of Blink Camera Lights and Their Meanings

If you’ve recently purchased a Blink camera, you may be wondering what all of the lights on the device mean. Here is what each color indicates. 

Blue Light 

When your Blink camera is idle, it should be emitting blue light. This means that it’s in standby mode and ready to record video when motion is detected. You can also tap the front of your camera to manually activate recording and see a brief flash of blue light as confirmation. 

Green Light 

The green light on the Blink camera shows that the device is working perfectly. However, if the light is flashing constantly it means the device is on. However, if the light starts blinking it shows that, Blink smart device is lacking internet connection.

Red Light 

When there’s an issue with one of your devices such as a low battery or poor Wi-Fi connection then its LED will turn red for a few seconds before turning off again. 

This means that something is wrong and it’s best to investigate further so you can fix any potential issues before they become major problems down the line.  

3 Reasons Blink Camera Flashing Green (Not Constantly)

Why is Blink Camera Flashing Green? 3 Reasons and 5 Fixes

Low Internet Connection 

The most common reason for the Blink camera flashing green is that the camera has lost its internet connection or is having difficulty connecting to the internet. 

This usually happens if your router has recently been restarted and the camera has not been reconnected yet. To fix this issue, try unplugging and replugging in your router and then ensure that your Blink camera is in close proximity to it (within 10 feet). 

It is possible that you will need to relocate your router away from other devices that are causing interference if the problem still persists. 

Power Interruption 

If your Blink camera is flashing green, it may have experienced a power interruption. This can happen if there was an outage in your area or if someone tripped over the power cord while it was plugged in. 

In either case, simply unplug the power cord from both ends (the wall outlet and the back of the camera) and then plug everything back in again. If you do this, the power connection should be reset and everything should work smoothly again.  

Blink Server Issue 

There may be a problem with one of Blink’s servers which can cause the green light to flash intermittently. To fix this issue, you can wait to fix it or contact their customer service team so they can troubleshoot any server-side issues that may be causing this problem. 

5 Ways to Fix Blink Camera Flashing Green

1. Check Your Internet Connection and Make It Secure 

The first thing to check is your internet connection. Make sure that your connection is strong, stable, and secure. This will prevent any interference issues from occurring and allow your camera to remain connected as it should. 

If you have any other devices on the same network as your Blink camera, be sure that their settings are secure as well. 

2. Plug Out the Device, and Then Plug in Back 

If checking your internet connection doesn’t do the trick, try unplugging and re-plugging the device. 

This will reset its connection to the network which may resolve the issue with it flashing green light. Once plugged back in, wait for about 30 seconds before trying to access or view it again.

3. Update Blink Smart Device Server    

Try to update your Blink smart device server. The latest version of this software includes bug fixes which could help solve any issues with the green light flashing on your camera. 

Plus, updating this server helps keep all of your connected devices safe from potential security threats.   

4. Reset the Device            

You can also try resetting the camera itself by pressing and holding down its reset button for five seconds. This should reboot the device which may resolve any issues with it being unresponsive or displaying a green flashing light.   

5. Contact Support

If nothing else works then contact support for assistance on how to fix this problem specifically for you. They usually provide great advice on how best to troubleshoot these types of issues and get them resolved quickly.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is My Mini Blink Camera Flashing Green and Red?

You may need to do a few things to fix your Blink Mini Camera to flash green and red. 
It might be that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. 
The camera has lost its connection with the base station. If this is the case, try moving the camera closer to the base station or vice versa. 
The Internet connection is low, try to fix it. 
The Blink camera is overheated due to continuous or excessive power. Turn it off for 10 minutes. 

Is My Blink Camera in Danger if it Flashes Green?

No, your Blink Camera is not in danger when it flashes green. The constant green light indicates that the camera is on and functioning properly.

What Light Flashes on Blink Camera When it’s Working Properly?

The constant and solid green light will flash on the Blink camera to show you that your device is working properly. If the green light is turned off or started blinking that means, the device has got some issue. 


With different types of lights on Blink cameras, it’s easy to get confused about what each color represents. That’s why I put together this guide outlining the meaning behind blue, green, and red Blink camera lights. 

So now you know exactly what those colors are trying to tell you about how your device is functioning. Not only will this help reduce confusion but also make sure that any potential problems with your security system are addressed quickly.

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