(Fixed) Why Is My Blink Camera Blinking Red?

Over the past few years, Blink has significantly impacted the home security camera market.

Blink camera is now being preferred far more than any other.

Amongst other issues, new users could face red flashes on the camera.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

Why is Blink camera blinking red light?

The problem due to which your Blink camera could be flashing red include connectivity issues, hardware issues or software issues, etc.

The software issues could include motion detection scenarios, internet issues, etc.

At the same time, the hardware could consist of faulty batteries or lens problems, etc.

These issues are concerning because they could render your camera dysfunctional for long periods or even permanently.

So, whenever you get around such problems, do not waste a second and get on to fixing them.

5 Basic Reasons For Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red

[Fixed] Why Is Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red?

For every problem, there is always a reason.

The same goes for the Blink camera issues, so here I will give five reasons for your red camera flashing.

So, stick around and take it all away with you.

The reasons are as follows;

1. Internet Connectivity

The first issue that is also very common is internet connectivity.

This is an issue where the camera fails to send traffic over the internet.

In this case, the red light will start flashing on your camera.

2. Hardware Issue

Another common yet annoying issue is any kind of hardware issue.

This could include faulty batteries, camera circuit issues, lens issues, etc.

Hardware Issue

In these kinds of scenarios, the camera will also blink red.

3. Motion Detection

This is not a problem or error, but rather a camera feature.

Whenever the motion detection mechanism of the camera detects motion, the camera will flash red.

This could also be a reason for this specific sequence.

4. Low Power

Sometimes, the power supply to your camera could be low.

In this case, the red light will flash to indicate it. Another reason is that it needs a power cycle.

Anyhow, the issue is related to the power of the camera.

Low Power

5. Camera Setup

The initial setup of the Blink camera could be tricky for new users.

During that setup, they might need to complete the camera setup optimally.

In this case, a problem will arise in the camera regarding the setup; the red flash could be an indicator of this as well.

Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red- Troubleshooting The Problems

Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red- Troubleshooting

Knowing the problems is not enough to save your camera; you must also fix the problems.

In this portion of the article, I will give you a step-by-step guide to selecting the red light flash on your Blink camera in any specific case;

  1. If the issue is with your camera’s internet connectivity, you must reconnect to the internet after rebooting your router. If this does not work, turn OFF your camera or use the mobile app to reset the camera network settings and connect it again. This will indeed work.
  1. For your hardware issues, you will first need to identify the issue. If it is battery related, simply replace the battery. But, if it is associated with the camera’s circuitry or its lens, you will need to ask for professional help to fix this.
  1. As for the setup issue, if you reach this, you will have to reset the camera and set it up accordingly again. All this can be done through any application store’s Blink camera mobile app.
  1. The power supply problem is a headache, but it can be done quickly. There is a simple solution to this, and that is to run a power cycle on the camera. This can be done using the same mobile app for the camera as before, and in the options, simply run the power cycle command, and voila, there you go.

Even after troubleshooting the problems, you need to keep in mind that the best mechanics for this sort of thing are the manufacturers themselves.

Let’s contact the Blink helpline or get a professional for your convenience.

It’s all up to you.

That’s all in the troubleshooting part, but keep in mind that it will require much care to avoid such issues again.

So, whatever you do, try to save yourselves from irresponsibility towards your camera as much as possible.

Save Yourself From Future Problems Like Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red

Facing and fixing the problems is frustrating for anyone with any machine whatsoever.

The same goes for the Blink camera.

So, to save yourself a lot of future trouble, it would be best to take the necessary measures to avoid such problems.

Here I will give some of the best tips to keep trouble away from your Blink camera.

Save Yourself From Future Problems Like Blink Camera

The first tip is always to keep your camera health in check via the mobile app.

As for the second one, you must regularly keep running power cycles in your camera.

Both of these tips will ensure your camera’s performance and health simultaneously.

Suppose Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red – Contact Customer Support

[Fixed] Why Is Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Red?

Whatever the problem, the best and optimal way to solve it would be to contact the official customer care helpline.

The agents on the other end are highly cooperative and walk you through the problem’s solution.

So, whatever you do, always contact them first.

If you need to learn how to contact Blink customer support, you can visit their website for details, or you could also call this number: 781-332-5465.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you contact them or do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Blink camera flashing red and not recording?

The red blinking light on your Blink camera indicates an error in the camera.
These errors are internet connectivity errors or hardware ones.

In the connectivity case, use the mobile app to reset the network settings.

As for the hardware ones, the faulty component will need replacing.

Does a flashing red light mean recording?

In most security cameras, red light means that the camera is recording.

But, in this context, the Blink camera indicates an error and will not record until that error or error is resolved.

So, do keep that in mind while using any security camera.

Can you tell if Blink’s camera is recording?

Unlike any other security camera, the Blink camera does not show any red light to indicate recording.

Instead, the blue light turns ON whenever the camera is recording.

So, always distinguish a red light from a blue one on the Blink camera.


Blink has top-notch security cameras, but if you see any error indicators, you need to sort them out quickly.

Leaving them unattended could lead to a dysfunctional, insecure, and a waste of money security camera for you.

So, do keep this in mind before turning away from the problem.

Also, the indicators will be the same whether you buy a Blink indoor or outdoor camera.

So, do not worry whether this guide will work for your camera.

Let me assure you that it will work for every Blink camera whatsoever.

So, do not worry; chill and fix your camera using my guide to its full potential.

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