(Fixed) Why Is My Blink Camera Blinking Green?

Nowadays, Blink has taken over the home security camera market.

They provide you best security cameras.

But, whenever you encounter any problems, there is a high chance you will panic. One of those problems is a green blinking light on the camera.

So, why is Blink camera blinking green?

The Blink camera will start flashing green if facing trouble connecting to the internet.

Another reason could be that the WiFi adapter settings of your camera could have been changed.

A rare reason could be that the Blink camera is not getting a connection to Blink servers.

Blink camera is undoubtedly one of the best, but you will doubt its effectiveness once you see an error like this.

Do not worry; these are just minimal errors that can be easily fixed.

That’s the primary goal of this article.

4 Primary Reasons For Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Green

Why Is Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Green

As we all know, there is always some reason for any specific problem.

In this context, the green flash on the Blink camera has multiple causes.

It is not necessary that you would face all of them, but it could be the one flashing on your camera.

The reasons are;

1. Internet Connectivity

The first problem causing green flashing on your Blink camera could be the internet connectivity.

In this case, the camera could have changed WiFi adaptor settings, or there could be a network issue.

Check your internet router and camera settings from the mobile app to ensure.

Internet Connectivity

2. Server Connection

Every once in a while, the Blink camera sends system information to the Blink servers to maintain the camera’s health.

It is rare, but your camera could lose connection to the servers.

Due to this, the camera will start blinking green to indicate that the camera has run into an error connecting to the Blink servers.

Server Connection

3. Weak Internet

The camera will blink green if your WiFi or internet strength is weak.

This becomes an error indicator because the weak internet could hinder the camera’s recording function.

To avoid this, the camera shows you a warning to advise you to fix it.

It could also be caused due to unstable network.

4. Camera Firmware

It is rarely seen, but your Blink camera’s firmware could corrupt in any way and become an obstacle in your camera’s way.

To indicate this error, the camera starts blinking green.

This is a scarce error, so you will probably not see it, but if you do, do not worry.

I will tell you further how to fix it.

Troubleshooting Guide For Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing Green Light

Troubleshooting Guide For Blink Camera Blinking Or Flashing

Knowing the problems would never be enough to fix your Blink camera.

You will need to fix them completely to tackle the issue.

Here are some steps you could take to improve the green light flashing on your Blink camera;

1. Reset Wi fi Network Issue

If Blink mini camera flashing green light or blinking green light, reset Wi fi network.

You will have to open your Blink mobile application and browse to Network settings for internet connectivity issues.

In there, you will find a reset option, just click it, and the network settings of your camera will reset, allowing the camera to connect again.

But you will have to enter the WiFi passkey to connect to it.

2. Let the Server Updated

Suppose blink camera blinking green light; it can be due to low server connection.

As for the server connection errors, it happens only when the servers are down.

So, there is no fix that you could do by yourself.

You will have to wait for the Blink authorities to get the servers back up, and the camera is working again.

3. Fix your Internet Issue

Blinking green light can be due to the low internet connection.

For the weak internet issue, it could be either the ISPs’ problem.

But, if you have a lower speed internet, the only fix would be to get your internet speed up.

It would certainly fix the issue.

You can also verify this problem with Blink app.

If there is solid green light on your Mini Blink camera, contact your internet provider.

4. Update Firmware

The camera firmware issue is relatively easier to fix as compared to others.

To do this, you have to open the Blink mobile app, and in the settings tab, you will see the factory reset option.

This action will clean the camera’s system and reinstall the software, eliminating the corrupt software.

Contact Blink Customer Service For Further Assistance

If you are a new Blink camera user and have tried all you could to fix it and still need to get to the solution, then it would be best to contact the professionals.

Now, who would be better than the ones who manufactured the device?

Not only this, but in any scenario, you should first contact Blink customer service for guidance because they know better about this.

As for their behavior, they are super cooperative and friendly as well.

They will walk you through every step in fixing your device.

If, in any case, the problem does not get fixed, they will register your complaint and then send an official technician to help you out with the fixing.

The contact of them can be found on their website, or you could also call them at 781-332-5465. This is a toll-free number.

What Measures To Take To Avoid LED Light Faults?

If you encounter such a  problem once, you will never want to face them again. You should take some steps to ensure that these do not get in your camera.

  1. The first ever tip is to keep your camera software up to date; you can do so by using the Blink mobile application. This will repeatedly clean your camera software.
  2. The second one is to always look for internet connectivity that you use for the camera. This is because your internet could become the sole cause of your Blink camera malfunction.
What Measures To Take To Avoid LED Light Faults

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Blink camera flashing green mean?

Blink camera flashing green can be due to the issues with internet connectivity, internet speed, or server connection issue.

The internet issues can be resolved using the Blink mobile application. As for the server issue, you will have to wait until the servers get back up again.

What is the battery life of a Blink camera?

The general battery life of any Blink camera is around two years. Suppose we divide its functionalities like motion detection and two-way recording, etc.

How long can you live view on Blink Camera?

Generally, without any subscription, you can live view on a Blink camera for about 30 minutes, but if you buy a premium subscription, it will let you live view for up to 90 minutes.

This is done by shutting off other functions and using their battery charge.


Blink camera is undoubtedly one of the most reliable home security cameras on the market, but that does not mean they will not encounter any issues.

They do have error indicators that could be helpful to you in identifying the threat.

So, whenever you see Blink camera flashing green or blinking, go on to fix it immediately.

You may also face Blink Mini blinking blue light, solid blue light, flashing red light; in any situation, you can contact Blink support for assistance.

You can use my guide to walk yourself through if you have yet to have your way around for the first time.

In the end, everything is in your hands, literally.

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