Can You Use Alexa Without Internet/Wifi? 5 Things Require No Wifi 

Alexa is a device that provides its complete essence if connected to wifi. Many of us have heard that Alexa is almost worthless without wifi which is true to some extent. But Alexa is not a completely useless device without wifi connection. Here the question arises: can you use Alexa without internet connection? 

The Short Answer to this question is “Yes”. Alexa can perform some specific tasks without the internet as well. Here are some specific tasks like setting alarms and reminders that an Alexa device can perform without an internet or wifi connection.

Alexa can be connected to Bluetooth and the speaker can be used. Alexa can easily control some other smart devices through Bluetooth. In this article, we are going to discuss how Alexa can be used without the internet, and the functions Alexa performs with the internet. So, without any further ado let’s get straight into the article.

Does Alexa work without the internet? 

Can You Use Alexa Without Internet? 5 Things Require No Wifi 

Yes, Alexa can work without the internet. But It cannot perform all the functions without wifi connection. Radio stations or live broadcasts cannot be played without wifi on Alexa. 

A few functions like volume control, setting alarms and reminders, or calling synced contacts can be performed on Alexa without any internet connection. So, Now let’s discuss the functions that Alexa can perform with or without wifi-connection.

Things that Alexa can do without the internet

  • Control the volume 
  • Some smart devices can be controlled 
  • Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker 
  • You can set reminders and Alarms with Alexa
  • You can call any other Echo device

Control the volume of Alexa without the internet 

Alexa generally does not perform any voice command function without wifi. Only one voice command that Alexa can perform is control of volume. Alexa can turn the volume up or down easily when you command it. So, Alexa can control the volume with or without the wifi or an internet connection.

Some other Smart devices can be controlled

We all connect our home devices to Alexa. Mostly we need a good quality wifi connection to connect our smart devices to  Alexa, so you also need the connection if you have to connect your devices to Alexa. Sometimes due to certain reasons, your wifi disconnects, and some of your devices stop working. 

Luckily, if you have connected some device that can be connected via Bluetooth won’t stop working. This is because you can connect those devices via Bluetooth to your Alexa device. In this way, you can control your device via Bluetooth on Alexa. However, a smart TV may not work without the Internet

Following are a few Alexa devices that can control smart devices via Bluetooth. 

  • Echo (4th Gen)
  • Echo Studio 
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Show 10

Zigbee chip helps Echo to work without wifi.

  • It helps to show the Date and Time 
  • It helps to connect smart home appliances to Alexa
  • It helps to set Reminders and Alarms

Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker

Want to listen to something on Spotify but have no internet? No worries, you can use Alexa without the internet as a Bluetooth speaker. The plus point of the Alexa device is that it can function as a speaker without an internet connection. Alexa can be used as a speaker if you have already downloaded some music. 

You can use Alexa in place of speakers and enjoy songs on Spotify or your offline download playlist. Unfortunately, if you haven’t downloaded any music you would not be able to enjoy Alexa as a speaker.

You can set reminders and Alarms on Alexa 

You can set reminders or Alarms on Alexa without wifi connection. The method used for this purpose is that you have to set the alarms on Alexa when wifi is connected. Your alarms will remain set and ring on time. 

But, you are not able to set the alarms when your Alexa device is disconnected from the internet. The good thing is that your reminders do not need a wifi connection while setting. You can set reminders even if your Alexa device is not connected to any wifi or mobile data.

You can call any other Echo device

If your Alexa App has your contacts you can have calls without an internet connection. But you cannot make calls through Facebook messenger when your Alexa device is not connected to the Wifi.

In short, Facebook messenger calls, international calls, and messages require a good quality connection. Fortunately, you can easily make calls to another Echo device with a landline phone.

Functions that you can perform with Alexa without internet/Wifi

Following are the function that Alexa can perform when it is connected to the internet.

  • Provide Updates 
  • Steam music can be played
  • Voice Commands

Provide Updates

Alexa performs amazingly when connected to wifi. It provides daily news and updates.

Before going to work if you want to get some traffic news you can get a quick traffic update via Alexa device. Alexa needs Wifi connection if you want to have weather updates.

Steam Music can be played

If you want to listen to live stream music on your Alexa device you must need to connect your Alexa device to wifi. Not only live stream music you can also need a quality wifi connection to listen to Radio stations on Alexa. So, Without the internet, your Alexa device will not play live music stream.

Voice Command

All voice Commands except ( control of volume) need a high-quality wifi connection. This is because the Alexa device enters commands only if NLP is working. NLP ( National Language Processing) helps Alexa to understand human language. 

NLP requires wifi connection so if Alexa is not connected to wifi it means NLP is not working. When NLP stops working you cannot command Alexa.

Watch Video To Use Alexa Without Internet

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alexa work with Bluetooth?

Yes, Alexa can work with Bluetooth when your device is not connected to wifi. You can control the volume, and set reminders, and alarms.

Can Alexa work on Mobile data?

Yes, You can connect your Alexa to mobile data via a hotspot connection. Now many mobile phones can be used as a wifi hotspots and provide hotspots.

Does Alexa need an internet connection or just wifi?

A good Quality wifi connection is all you required for Alexa to work. Wifi connection helps to provide live music streams, Radio stations, and voice commands.


Alexa can work with or without an internet connection. Alexa can perform a few functions like controlling the volume, controlling the smart devices, set alarms or reminders without an internet connection.

Whereas, You can play live music streams, Radio stations and get news, Travel updates, and weather updates if your Alexa is connected to Wifi.

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