Why Is Alexa Not Playing Apple Music? (6 Easy Fixes)

The Apple Music library has millions of songs you want to listen to when traveling or relaxing at home.

You can also play songs on Alexa from Apple Music besides Siri.

But is Alexa Not Playing Apple Music? If so, we’ll explain the reasons and methods to fix it.

For several reasons, your Alexa can’t access the iCloud Library and play your favorite playlist or songs.

In that case, you must try restarting your Alexa and updating the apps.

You can turn off explicit filtering, relink Apple Music, or reset your device as the last option.

Listening to music on your Alexa speaker after giving commands for your favorite song is a great experience.

But it also ruins your day when you face issues with the Alexa device, and it does not play songs.

Stay tuned to the end to know the reasons and solutions.

Can Alexa Play Apple Music Or Not

Can Alexa Play Apple Music Or Not

The quick answer is Yes. Alexa works perfectly with Apple Music, thanks to its advanced features and integration.

It has a lot of similar options you won’t find on every smart gadget.

I love its compatibility with other smart devices and video and audio services like Apple Music.

Alexa has its built-in music library, but you can also access the Apple music library.

And yes, you can use your voice to manage playlists, play and pause, and forward and reverse tracks.

You only need to set up Apple Music with Alexa using the Alexa app and your Apple ID.

Causes Alexa Can’t Play Apple Music

Causes Alexa Can’t Play Apple Music

As we mentioned, there could be many reasons Alexa can’t play Apple Music.

It’s hard to figure out the exact cause, but there are a few common issues.

They prevent your Alexa device from accessing the Apple Music Library or don’t respond to commands. These include:

  • Your internet connection might not be working.
  • Your Alexa device is too far away to hear your orders.
  • Your device version might be too outdated to work.
  • Your accounts might have issues and are inactive.
  • Your device might need a reset to play music again.

These are some common problems causing issues with playing songs from Apple Music via Alexa.

But you don’t need to worry as there are solutions to fix Alexa if it’s not listening to your commands.

Explore these solutions below if your Alexa device is not playing Apple Music.

Solutions To Apple Music Not Working On Alexa

Apple Music Not Working On Alexa

Now, it’s time to discuss the topic at hand.

Before trying out any of the below methods, try to find the exact cause.

If you found any specific reason, note your points for fixing the issue.

For fixing, you might need to try any of these methods or try all of them individually.

Restart Your Alexa Device

If your Alexa device suddenly stops working and has lost access to Apple Music, there could be a bug.

In this case, the quick solution is to restart the device and wait for some time.

After restarting, the device access might be recovered.

Here’s how you can restart Alexa:

  • Unplug your Alexa device from the power.
  • Alexa will turn off and wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug the wire back into the power adapter.

Once your Alexa device restarts, try giving commands to it.

Your device should work now, but you must check for other issues if it does not.

Update The Alexa App

Your WhatsApp application doesn’t work correctly when it’s not updated.

What do you think about your Alexa app? Will it work?

Never! If your Alexa has issues playing Apple Music, you must check if any new update is available for the app.

Follow these steps to update the app:

  • Open App Store on iPhone or Play Store on Android.
  • Search for the term “Alexa” in the search bar at the top.
  • You will see the Alexa app if a new update is available.
Update The Alexa App
  • Tap on Download or Install to install the updated version

Once established, you can try giving commands to Alexa to play songs from Apple Music.

If it still does not work, update the App Music app.

Update The Apple Music App

Apple Music App

If updating the Alexa app does not work, check the Apple Music app for an update.

But this is not like you immediately updating the Apple Music app.

Before this, you must update the Alexa app, as the main issue could be there.

Here’s how you can update the Apple Music app:

For Android (Play Store)

  • Open the Play Store on your phone.
  • Search Apple Music in the search bar.
  • Check if a new update is available.
  • Click download to install the update.

For Apple (App Store)

In Apple devices, like the iPhone, the update works with the operating system (OS) update.

To update the Apple Music app on your Apple device, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Tap Software Updates.
  • Tap Automatic Updates.
  • Download and Install.

When updating the OS, your App Music app will automatically update if a new version is available.

Disable Alexa’s Explicit Filtering

Most of us don’t want to see inappropriate content; this is where explicit filters come in handy.

If your Alexa has an explicit filter enabled, it might not work with Apple Music.

Why is this so?

That’s because some music services do not allow explicit filtering, and you must disable it.

To make Apple Music work on your Alexa device, follow these steps to turn off explicit filtering:

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Click on the three-lined Menu option.
  • On the Menu screen, click on Settings.
  • Scroll the screen and click Music & Podcasts.
  • You’ll see the Explicit Language Filter option.
  • Disable the function if it’s enabled.

After you disable this option, Alexa might work now.

You can try giving commands and checking if everything is fine now.

If it’s still not working, move to the following method.

Unlink and Relink Apple Music

Consider this method, like restarting your Alexa device.

You’ll need to remove the Apple Music account from your Alexa app.

And again, link Apple Music to reset the account.

After this process, the chances are pretty high that the issue should be resolved.

To unlink Apple Music, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.       
  • In the upper left corner, click on the Menu option.
  • Go to Settings and scroll down the screen.
  • Click on Music & Podcasts from the list.
  • Select Apple Music from the drop-down menu.
Apple Music
  • Disable the skill to unlink Apple Music safely.

Now, restart both the Alexa device and the app.

To relink Apple Music, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.      
  • Click on Menu and go to Settings.
  • Scroll the screen and tap Music & Podcasts.
  • Tap Apple Music from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

Once you add your Apple Music account again, give a command for a particular song if it works.

If this method does not work, the last option is to reset your device.

Factory Reset Your Alexa Device

The final thing you can do to fix Alexa not playing Apple Music is to reset your Alexa device.

But before resetting your device, remember that you’ll lose your preferences.

However, it won’t affect your Amazon account, and you can set it up again after the reset.

  • Open your Alexa app, and go to Devices.
  • In the devices list, click on Echo & Alexa.
  • Select your particular device from the list.
  • Go to Settings of your selected device.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see Registered To.
  • On the right side, tap Deregister or Reset.

This last method works in almost all cases.

You’ll need to contact customer support if it does not work even after reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Alexa not playing music from Apple Music?

Alexa does not play music from Apple Music due to many reasons.

The primary reason could be your internet connection.

Your Alexa device or Alexa app might be outdated, averting access to Alexa Music.

Your Amazon or Apple account might have issues and not work properly.

Can Apple Music play on Echo Dot?

Yes, Echo Dot works with Alexa Music, and you can easily connect them.

You need an Amazon account and an active subscription to Apple Music.

With these accounts, you can easily set up Echo Dot and listen to your favorite playlist.

How do I get Alexa to play my Apple Music?

You can play Apple Music on Alexa through the following steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three-lined Menu in the top left corner.
  • At the bottom of the Menu, click on Setting.
  • Scroll down the Settings page and tap Music & Podcasts.
  • On that page, tap on the Link New Service option.
  • From the list of items, click on the Apple Music button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the Enable To Use option.
  • Enter your Apple Music account credentials to log in.


A quick restart or update to the Alexa device or Alexa and Apple Music app works.

If they don’t work for you, you can try turning off explicit filtering or resetting as the final choice.

Applying these methods will fix your issue of Alexa not playing Apple Music.

Contact customer support if you have tried all these methods and the issue still exists.

They’ll guide you to let you know the exact reason and help you fix this problem.

Repeat the other methods once more before you go for a reset or customer support.

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