Why Alexa Makes Random Noises (5 Easy Solutions)

Does your Alexa make random noises? Well, it’s not dangerous, but yeah, it’s creepy and can scare the wits out of anyone.

Imagine you’re sleeping, and you hear noises, but no one is in the room; it’s indeed a bad situation.

Alexa makes random noises mistakenly or because of errors. It’s an AI and works in a certain way by listening to your orders.

For example, sometimes it happens when Alexa mistakes background noise for its wake-up word and makes random noises.

Good for you is we’re here.

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible reasons why Alexa makes sounds and share the solutions with you.

Therefore, be with us till the end of our article and find the answers. 

Stop Alexa From Making Random Noises – Reasons With Solutions

Why Alexa Makes Random Noises - 5 Easy Solutions

The reasons why Alexa makes random noises are innumerable. It might happen because of a mistake, error, or paired Bluetooth devices.

We can’t tell you a specific reason, but you can read about all of the possibilities below and get the solutions.

Paired Devices

The paired devices are the first possible reason that mainly creates this random noise issue.

Chances are you will have a device paired with Bluetooth, which will now connect automatically without your knowledge. The sound you hear may be a beep of notifications.

To solve this issue, you have to disconnect the device. Just say, “Alexa, disconnect all Bluetooth devices.”

If you get a reply that “Hmm, there’s no Bluetooth device to disconnect,” then proceed further with the next step because the Bluetooth connection isn’t an issue with your Alexa device.

Check Listed Activities

Many people set alarms and plan their daily activities and essential tasks on Alexa. We don’t know that sometimes Alexa misrepresents us and creates unusual activities.

For example, once a user asked Alexa to set the alarm at 8:00 on a Sunday morning. Alexa misheard and set the alarm for each Sunday.

So check the activities listed on the Alexa app and delete the unnecessary tasks.

Echo Device

Stop Alexa From Making Random Noises - Reasons With Solutions

The following most common reason why Alexa makes random noises is because of the Echo device.

Wherever you listen to unusual things like clicking or crackling sounds, it means something is wrong with the device.

It might be a signal issue or a defect in the device.

To find out its reason, move the Echo device somewhere else in the home. If it happens because of a signal issue, you won’t listen to any noise again.

You can also restart the device; it usually solves most of the issues.

How To Restart Amazon Echo?

You only have to unplug the Amazon Echo device from the cord for 30 seconds and then connect it again.

That’s the procedure of restarting the Amazon Echo device.

However, if the noise continues, it may be because of a defect. In this situation, only a professional can help you.

Remember never try to fix the device’s hardware after watching social media videos. These videos don’t solve problems but create new ones.

Check The Settings

Before going to a professional, we suggest you check the device’s settings. The sound you’re listening to may be a beeping notification of the call that Alexa produces when you get a call.

You can turn off the notification sound by changing the setting from the “Call and Messaging” option.

Do you know Alexa also plays a sound when it can’t connect to the Wifi?

So go to the Wifi setting and check if it’s connected properly. If not, then restart your router and try to connect again.

When nothing works, try to delete Alexa’s history. You may not like it, but anything in your search history, including what you’ve said to Alexa, is saved.

All of these things can create issues; that’s why it’s best to delete all history.

Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

Last but not least, when no solution works, contact the customer support team. The team will help you find the cause and also provide assistance.

But before you follow this last step, we suggest you perform a factory reset. By doing this action, you’ll be able to resolve most of the software issues.

If you don’t want to lose the data, you can ask, “Alexa, why did you make that sound?”.

Most probably, you’ll get the answer. Otherwise, you have the option of customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my Alexa randomly beep?

The beeping sound, along with the blinking light, is a sign of notification.

So, whenever your Alexa Echo device beeps, check the notification.

How do I factory reset my Amazon Alexa?

It’s not difficult to factory reset the Amazon Alexa device. Open the app on the smartphone and select devices.

Choose Echo and Alexa and click on the device name you want to factory reset.

You’ll see an option of Factory reset option. Choose it and get rid of Alexa making random noises.

Why won’t my Alexa stop beeping?

Sometimes Alexa won’t stop beeping after doing everything. The reason for this issue might be a glitch or an error.

To solve the problem, you need to restart the Echo device.

So unplug the device, wait for at least 30 seconds, and plug it in again.

What does Alexa not disturb mode do?

Alexa has a do not disturb mode. This mode can help us get a peaceful sleep.

You have to turn it on and won’t listen to any notification sound for a specific time or until you turn off the setting.

To turn it on, select the devices option in the Alexa app and select Echo and Amazon. Choose your device and turn on the do not disturb mode.


Alexa is an amazing technology that makes our life super easy. However, sometimes it doesn’t work properly. 

Nowadays, users complain that Alexa makes random noises. Some people think these voices are dangerous, or someone has hacked their Alexa device but that’s not the case.

Mostly it happens in case of errors or when Alexa misheard your words.

You can follow our article and solve the issue. We have mentioned every possibility of this issue in detail with their solutions.

In case nothing works, our suggestion is to get help from Amazon customer support.

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