How To Fix Alexa Brief Mode Not Working In 2023?

Alexa brief mode has been a lifesaver for people who find unnecessary voices irritating.

But ever since the launch of the Brief mode, there have been some problems, or I may say errors, this feature has been facing.

So if your Alexa brief mode not working or the Alexa keeps saying okay in the brief mode, don’t worry.

Take a deep breath, and rest assured that you are not the only one facing this.

And this is why I have come up with specific solutions that will definitely restore the brief mode.

Here’s How To Fix Alexa Brief Mode Not Working In 7 Easy Steps

How To Fix Alexa Brief Mode Not Working

Have a look at these 7 troubleshooting hacks that will work like a charm when your Alexa brief mode is not working.

Follow these tips one by one, and move on to the next step only if the first one does not work for you. So let’s begin.

Enable the brief mode

Brief mode is enabled by default. But sometimes, it may be disabled.

So the first thing to do if the Brief mode is not working from the beginning or suddenly stops working is to turn it on.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Open Alexa app
  • Tap the three dots on the top left corner
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Voice Responses”
  • Turn the “Brief mode” on
Factory Reset

Wait and Watch

If the Brief mode is already turned on and is still not working, wait for a while. Sometimes it’s just a server-related issue that will be fixed on its own.

So wait for a few hours, roughly around 4 to 6, and the bug will be fixed automatically.

Enable again

So the next step is if the upper two fail, i.e., if the brief mode is enabled and you have waited for a while, you need to re-enable the brief mode.

To do this, follow the steps listed in point 1, except that you need to turn the mode off this time.

Now close the Alexa app, wait for a few minutes and follow the exact same steps of point 1 to reenable the brief mode.

Restart the Echo device

It is the most layman hack to restart a device that is not working. But this trick works miraculously at times.

Unplug the Alexa device from the socket and wait for 20 to 30 seconds. Now plug it again.

This will reboot your device and restore the original settings that you have had previously made.

Update the app

It might happen at times when you have been using an outdated version of the app that the brief mode won’t work.

So go to the Google Play Store and see if there is an update for the Amazon Alexa app available.

Keep a check on all the latest updates of the app so you don’t miss anything.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset

Another great troubleshooting hack is to restore the device settings to factory mode.

Although it will erase all of the data from the device, many of your problems will be solved, including the brief mode not working.

To factory reset the Amazon Echo device follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Microphone off and Volume down buttons simultaneously
  • Hold until the light turns orange

Now you can set up the device all over again, just like you did when the first time you bought your Amazon Echo.

The brief mode will hopefully start working by now.

Contact Amazon

If no hack or tip makes your Brief mode work or disables it after some time, it’s time to contact the manufacturer.

There can be a manufacturing fault in your Echo device that only Amazon can guide you about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Alexa brief mode?

Alexa owners know how their lives revolve around this small device. But most of the time, Alexa becomes irritating because of the unnecessary responses.

To overcome this, Alexa launched a “Brief Mode” feature that eliminates unnecessary responses with just a beep.

So the next time you say, “Alexa, turn on the coffee maker,” instead of saying “okay,” it will just beep. This will mention that Alexa has taken your command.

How do I turn on short responses on Alexa?

Here are the steps to turn on the short responses or Brief mode on Alexa:

Open Alexa app
Tap “menu” on the top left corner
Select settings
Tap the “Voice Responses”

How do I fix an unresponsive skill on Alexa?

Follow the steps to fix any unresponsive skill on Alexa:

Open Alexa
Go to the Devices menu
Search the desired device
Disable it
Wait for 20-30 seconds


Alexa brief mode not working is one of the most common problems encountered by people. You can apply multiple troubleshooting to make the brief mode work properly.

First and foremost, make sure that the feature is turned on. And if it is, then re-enable it.

If none of the solutions listed above works for you, then contact Amazon for better guidance directed towards your exact problem.

If you are not satisfied with the manufacturer’s response either, then it might be time for you to replace the Echo device.

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